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  • Kulturelles Erbe im Spannungsfeld: populär, elitär, postkolonial?

  • Podiumsdiskussion
  • Ursula Baatz, Kuratorin

    Matthias Naske, Intendant Konzerthaus Wien

    Shahidha Bari, Professor of Fashion Cultures an Histories, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

    The Transnational Museum: Collecting the World and Seeing the Global
    In Britain, national galleries and historic museums inspire both affection and controversy. They are storehouses of the nation's cultural treasures and the legacy of centuries of colonialism and violence. Now, as Britain faces a new crisis of identify, torn between ideas of broadening global citizenship and narrowing national interest, this paper asks what is the role of a country's museums in forging its cultural future? How are British museums confronting ideas of transnationalism and decolonization, and what should a collective cultural landscape look like?


    Kurt Farasin, Künstlerische Leitung Schallaburg