• Thu, 24.03. , 07:00 - 08:30 PM
  • "Austria in the climate crisis"

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  • Katharina Rogenhofer
  • Katharina Rogenhofer, Co-founder of "Fridays for Future", spokesperson for the climate referendum in Austria and author of the book "Changes nothing, changes everything".


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  • Matthias Strolz
  • Matthias Strolz Austrian entrepreneur, author and former politician.

    As a civilisation, we are on the verge of an evolutionary leap. A new consciousness is awakening: namely that of an integral connectedness. More and more people are realising that we cannot separate ourselves from nature, but are part of it. The Enlightenment and the sciences have brought and continue to bring us tremendous achievements and great material prosperity. But too often we live these as excess - as blind grasping and greedy obsession. A destructive "subdue the earth!". This leads us into existential challenges of global proportions - the climate crisis is exemplary of this.

    What to do? Going back to the caves is not an option. No, we stand on the shoulders of the Enlightenment, we don't want to get down from there. The Enlightenment opened the windows wide and freed us from the oppression of ghosts and gods. It is not a question of returning to pre-rational times. We should not indulge in superstition or conspiracy theories, but cultivate a transrational consciousness. It is about the integration of knowledge and wisdom, the reconciliation of natural science and spirituality. This integral quality will lead us into sustainable solutions to the challenges of our time - in connection with life in all its manifestations.

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  • Sabine Herlitschka
  • Sabine Herlitschka, vice president of the Federation of Austrian Industries and chairman of the Management Board of Infineon Technologies Austria AG.

    Global challenges such as the climate crisis cannot be solved on their own. In a sustainable and increasingly digital world, issues such as energy availability, energy management and energy efficiency are becoming crucial. This transformation is thus becoming a task to which everyone can make a contribution - society, politics, business, but also everyone in their immediate environment. With "Tech for Green", Infineon is making important and very concrete contributions to a successful energy transition.

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  • Moderation: Mari Lang
  • Mari Lang, Journalistin, ORF