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  • 02/20/2024, Contributions from print and online media
  • Oats and pulses are the most popular alternative products

  • A study by Statista shows that oats and pulses are the most popular alternatives to milk from animals or meat.
  • 12/11/2023, Contributions from print and online media
  • FAO presents comprehensive action programme on food security

  • The goals include reducing the number of hungry people by 150 million by 2025 and stopping the destruction of forests worldwide and all illegal and unregulated fishing by 2030.
  • Foto Hanni Rützler
  • 11/23/2023, Programs
  • Line-up Symposion Dürnstein 2024

  • The list of high-calibre speakers is getting longer every day. We are delighted that the following speakers have been confirmed so far: Hanni Rützler, Franz Sinabell, ...
  • Jan Werner Müller hält einen Vortrag und gestikuliert mit seinem Händen
  • 10/06/2023, Contributions from print and online media
  • Jan Werner Müller on the rise of the spin autocrats

  • In a "Der Standard" article, Jan Werner Müller, Princeton professor and speaker at the Dürnstein Symposium 2017, talks about the perfidious means used by the new dictators.
  • Menschen gehen über eine riesige Kreuzung mit Zebrastreifen in verschiedene Richtungen
  • 09/28/2023, Contributions from print and online media
  • "A Theory of Everyone" - Michael Muthukrishna's new book on the laws of life

  • Michael Muthukrishna, speaker at the Dürnstein 2020 symposium " Erbschaften: Kultur, Natur und Identität" (Heritage: Culture, Nature and Identity), already addressed the question of how the laws of life might work in his contribution "The Evolution of Culture and Religion". In his new book, he puts forward a bold theory.
  • Ein Plakat zeigt ein Huhn, einen offenen Mund, eine Pflanze, einen Getränkebecher und einen Strichcode mit der Überschrift Future Food
  • Consumer dialogues on the subject of food

  • The Consumer Dialogues on Food will take place in Steyr from 28 to 30 September 2023. Like the Dürnstein 2024 symposium, this event will also focus on the future of food.