The annual Symposium Dürnstein, which is organized by the NFB, is an international forum for ideas at the interface of philosophy, religion and politics. Speakers and participants from various disciplines are invited to give impulses and create novelty. Apart from these content-related goals, the Symposium Dürnstein was and still is inspired by the thought of revitalizing the Wachau region in the touristic off-season by means of a new type of event. 2021 is a special case, insofar as Covid19 made it necessary to relocate the event venue to Krems.

Since 2011 the Symposium Dürnstein is held from Thursday to Saturday in the first week of March.


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The philosopher Ursula Baatz has long been committed to intercultural philosophy. Her numerous trips to Asia and also to Latin America and Africa have taught her to appreciate variety and diversity. She cherishes the conversation between religions and cultures as well as learning from "the others." She is a long-time Ö1-editor (religion and science), publicist (Spiritualität, Religion, Weltanschauung. Landkarten für systemisches Arbeiten, V&R, Göttingen 2018; Erleuchtung trifft Auferstehung, Theseus, Berlin 2009; H.M.Enomiya-Lassalle: ein Leben zwischen den Welten Zürich 1998), lecturer at the University of Klagenfurt and mindfulness teacher.



The task of the Gesellschaft für Forschungsförderung Niederösterreich m.b.H. is the promotion and development of the research sector in cooperation with the Science and Research Department of the Province of Lower Austria. It fulfills this task, among other things, by handling the grants of the state's universities of applied sciences and the annual calls for proposals in the areas of basic research and transdisciplinary research. In addition to organizing the Symposium Dürnstein, the organization also manages the topic exchange center for academic theses. With the Wissenschaft Zukunft Preis and the handling of grants (NÖ Landesstipendien), it supports young scientists in Lower Austria. The GFF is a 100% subsidiary of the province of Lower Austria.

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To examine an annually changing topic from different points of view, with the emphasis on politics, religion and philosophy.
Networking and cooperation of different institutions.




  • Co-thinkers
  • Lateral thinkers
  • Curious people
  • Knowledge-hungry people


People of all ages who want to inform themselves and exchange information on current topics around politics, philosophy and religion.

We invite you to actively ask questions and discuss with the speakers.